Post Christmas knicks and knacks.

It is already doing the rounds, but I could not pass up Liberal Media podiatric insertions in oral cavities: Meet the Press’ David Gregory in a full-of-indignation mode, waving a 30 round AR Mag in front of Wayne LaPierre’s face...a magazine that is illegal to posses in Washington D.C.
I forget who was the first person that realized the booboo and let the cat out of the bag, but now DC Police is allegedly investigating. But that is not all! After mocking LaPierre about NRA’s idea to have armed security in schools, we come to find out he send his kids to Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., that has 11 armed security on the grounds. The More Equally Swines do have their privileges above the rest of the Pork World.

New York Times Best Seller Author and Head Monster Hunter Larry Correia goes all out against Gun Control and the fallacies behind it. A a fantastic post in his blog that you should bookmark for posterity and pass along to friends and family. If the amount of responses to his blog is an indicator (1,668 Responses) I think this is one of his most wide-spread posts ever including his alleged attack to HK products many moons ago and for which he still gets hate mail.

Our brother Joshua Flashman informed us via Facebook that many out-of-town cops came to relieve their fellow Newtown officers so they could spend Christmas at home with their families after having to deal with the Sandy Hook massacre. Hats off to them.

Anti Gun Groups are still dead set against providing basic protection in schools for our kids, in a behavior similar to mafia dons or terrorists.

hostages ladd
Ladd calls me Insurrectionist, I call them by their real profession.

In the “Stupid Shit That We Also Do” files, we have the stupid White House petition to deport Piers Morgan for being an asshat and overall lying sack of alligator manure. Who came up with the idea to make Her Royal Nazi a martyr? He was doing rather well self-destructing live on TV. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Napoleon Bonaparte.”

Once again: Libs can’t do math. NY Governor Mario Cuomo made the remark that he was willing to go the confiscation way on “assault weapons” (wait, there is no such thing planned as gun confiscation! That is a Gun Nut Paranoia tale!) Since it would be illegal to confiscate without proper reimbursement, it seems that somebody in NY State will have to come up with a billion greenbacks to “buy back” them Ugly Black Sticks.

I’ll be back later… I am sure.

8 Replies to “Post Christmas knicks and knacks.”

  1. Much as I loathe the NRA (for not going far enough in defense of our rights), I would have handed over at least a one year membership if Wayne LaPierre had whipped out his cellphone, dialed 911 and reported the crime live on air.


    1. I doubt LaPierre even knew about that law. Of all the people that watched that show, only one person realized the massive stupidity. I wish I could remember who was it. I have the notion it was a blogger.


  2. Illegal to confiscate without compensation? C’mon Miguel. If these cretins are willing to break the law to confiscate what was once a legal item, what makes you think they’ll give a damn about paying you for your property? No, if the day ever comes that our betters decide we can no longer have these dangerous things, they will simply come and try to take them, a la Katrina. Remember: This is no longer a nation of laws.



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