Man bites dog…and another man…and gets shot for his hunger.

Police said the homeowner found the naked trespasser choking his pet Rottweiler. “[The homeowner] spotted a person that is not only fighting with his dog, but is naked fighting with his dog,” said Moreno.

When the homeowner tried to intervene, the intruder attacked him. “He immediately jumped on the owner and started fighting with him,” explained Moreno.

The homeowner told police he shot the man in the leg because he was biting him. “For right now, it does appear to be a justified shooting,” Moreno said.

via WSVN-TV – Naked intruder shot by homeowner.

The proper application of an appetite suppressor ended up the feeding frenzy.

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    1. You know… I’m noticing a LOT of parallels between gun control and DRM. I bet there’s a lot of overlap for proponents of both.

      Unfortunately, Electronic Arts and Activision can’t lock you up and/or have you executed for boycotting them, nor can they simply continue printing money like the Government can.


  1. I’m nasty and unforgiving…trying to kill my dog? I don’t give a good goddamn how mentally unstable you are…you are going to meet the creator.



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