Identities blocked to protect the idiots….

unicorns farts editedIn case you have not read it, here is the original story. The whole exchange is just so based in wishful thinking and false morality, it amazes me these people even belong to the human race. Apparently a crowbar has never been used as a weapon, it is easy to run away while carrying two nine-year old boys, we must think criminals always have the best of intentions and your home is not your castle.

Holy Shiva Facepalm!

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  1. I’m amazed that they even have ‘walking around’ sense.
    They are your typical low information voter. Incapable of critical thinking.
    And what’s scary is that they breed!!!!

    1. Not only do they breed, they constantly indoctrinate any and all who will listen to them. They truly believe that they should never confront evil in any form, much better to just ‘run away’ and let evil have it’s way.
      One definition of a liberal is someone who has never been mugged or assaulted………………..

  2. Very nice of the first commenter to say “I have no doubt that he would have run out.”

    He is so sure that he’s willing to bet the mother’s life on it.

    1. Just like ‘give him your wallet and he won’t kill you with the gun/knife he’s threatening you with’.

      Forgive me but that’s one of the last people I’m going to trust to hold up their end of the ‘bargain’. If they don’t want to get shot then don’t threaten people.

  3. yeah that describes the one liberal couple I still have left as friends. dreaming. the husband didn’t used to be that bad if memory serves…13…or is it 14? years married to her as made him as much a lib as she is.

  4. Of course they’re attacking the mother, she didn’t do the “responsible” thing and become a victim for them to parade around. ‘Course, the bad guy didn’t have a gun, so she would have just been a victim without the parade. The home invader made the choice to bring a crowbar to a gun fight. His mistake. She made the choice to not be a victim. And the anti’s are pissed. I think Shiva just used all of her hands for that faceplam.

    1. Well, they still have the blood of the goblin to dance in. They will light a candle for the criminal scumbag and be pissed that she wasn’t raped and murdered.

  5. The “fire” analogy? Huh. Fires don’t have intent or evil souls. Nor do they hunt you down. And note, that 6 rounds yielded but 5 hits… and it took all 5 to stop. What if Bad Guy has a partner ? Or had not given up…

  6. I’ve come to the conclusion that we should no longer block out the name of people who make such inane comments on Facebook. We need to see who they are, recognise their stupidity and point them out for ridicule by all.

  7. Stupid people need to be famous. Pour encourager les autres. Let me introduce our first contestant, the OP.
    (Link removed by Blog Master)

  8. So, following their logic, if the folks on Flight 93 had cooperated, everthing woould have turned out okay? I don’t get the mentality, and it makes it difficult to engage these people in conversation…..

  9. Rifle owners have never been more frightened, metal doors
    and shuttered windows offer no protection. The night invader`s eyes are not on
    electronic things but only on the gun owners most guarded treasure. The
    lovelorn beast has been in the cold too long and desperately needs the white
    heat of a screaming and scratching vixen. Fortunately a bullet found its mark and the
    night invader found no warmth as he was buried in the snow under the porch.

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