Amnesty International USA: We are usless so we need to blame somebody.. I know! The NRA!

Found indirectly from a link sent by a Twitter friend:

Two-thirds of the world’s countries want to end this carnage by strengthening the regulation of the global arms trade.

It’s time to stop the NRA from interfering in U.S. foreign policy. The lives of millions of children depend on it.

via Take Action Now – Amnesty International USA.

Alongside the UN, Amnesty International is possible the most useless organization out there to resolve or even come up with a real solution against abuses of powers by tyrants. One would be hard pressed to find a single digit in their “Win” column but that is not surprising since they are only good at issuing press releases and wishful thinking reports. So I have to laugh when in search of relevance, they tie their wagon to the “Whip the NRA” train.

By the way, has Amnesty International have said anything about this Administration providing weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels? I could not find a thing.

4 Replies to “Amnesty International USA: We are usless so we need to blame somebody.. I know! The NRA!”

  1. How about their feelings regarding the drone war? How many innocent civilians– including the children they lament– have been killed so far?

  2. Shouldn’t the “From” line be “Operation Fast and Furious?”

    Or are the people who ran that complete insult to failures of sting operations trying to impersonate an organization that actually does something to reduce international terrorism and violence?

  3. Right… because all the Izhevsk marked AK-47’s that these Fez wearing, tin pot dictators arm their child soldiers with, were proudly made in the USA. No, wait, that was the USSR.

  4. they complain about our weapons while ignoring the fact that most of the death in those 3rd world countries that they like to protest against are cause by the GOVERNMENTS of those countries and the people are unarmed.

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