Competitive Shooting will get you killed in Real Life…. yeah, sure.

“We just did what we had to do to survive,” he said. “They were going to murder us.”

Lee said he is a member of the National Rifle Association who has taken part in handgun and rifle competitions.

via Robber faced Madera pharmacist who’s an expert shooter – Local –


Did a quick check and Mr. Lee appears to be (or was) an IDPA competitor in California. According to a match result in 2004, he is (was) CDP Sharpshooter which dovetails with the firearm he used to defend his life.

And yes, this is another story of defensive use of a gun that will not make it in Big News.

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  1. “Testing and advancing your ability to shoot faster and more accurately, from various unconventional positions, while manipulating your firearm and discriminating targets in a complex environment all while under stress is a bad idea for people who want to win a gunfight,” said no one with a lick of sense, ever.


  2. I’m just waiting for that day that somebody tries to mug Jerry Miculek. That news story will be hilarious: “According to the coroner’s report, the attacter was shot 10 times with a .357 before he hit the ground. Mr. Miculek was armed with a snubnose J-frame.”



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