Black Rain Ordnance AK-47 PROTOTYPE Rifle

One of the biggest surprises (for me anyway) was finding out that Neosho, MO custom AR-15 company Black Rain Ordnance is trying their hand at custom CNC machined AK-47/AKM pattern rifles. And a sick rifle it is.

With all components CNC machined from the ground up and re-thought from top to bottom save for basic AK function, the Black Rain AK Prototype dubbed “FREEDOM FIGHTER” is ridiculously accurate at 100 yards (I rang the 1/3 silhouette standing from a Trijicon ACOG with boring routine), reliable, and while rock solid is a bit on the heavy side.

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I   want   so   bad….

Another one to the list of rifles that I must have. I must be weird, I do like the AK variants over the AR platform for some reason.

The Rifle Want/Must Have List now:
Ruger 10-22 (Will buy this year come hell or high water.
Savage Axis (will make it an inexpensive scout rifle)
Carbine-sized Lever Action in .357 Magnum.
Black Rain AK.

Dear gods of Lotto…hear my cry of anguish!

(gods of Lotto respond: “you must buy ticket first.”)

4 Replies to “Black Rain Ordnance AK-47 PROTOTYPE Rifle”

  1. Cool to see that someone is making a high quality AK here in the states but I’ll stick to my ARs.

    I’d recommend for your lever action 357. He has an excellent reputation amongst the leverguns community. And while you’re at it, buy me one too…

    Inspect the bore on that Savage before you buy it. I picked up a Mk II, 22LR right after Christmas and the bore looks like corrugated pipe. Haven’t had a chance to shoot it though.


  2. I’m worried about what kind of bans Dear Leader has in mind. Most AKs originate outside the US and, as both Bush I and Clinton showed, import bans are easy to do.

    I know Century as an all-US-made AK out there but just about everything else is either built on a US receiver with imported parts or a straight out import like the Saigas and VEPRs.

    My ultimate hope would be that The Freedom Group would do something smart with their purchase of TAPCO and have Remington build us an R47.



  3. I’ve been buying tickets twice a week for years. If I ever do hit the big one, I’ll get you one for your birthday. 😉


  4. I absolutely love the design and engineering of this rifle. One fine piece of engineering and thought. This rifle will be my birthday present. Awesome rifle and in the caliber preferred. Plus made in the USA. Cheers.



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