A Warning to all of those involved in the fight for our Rights.

The last couple of days I have been catching up with some stuff that by sheer volume, I could not get to before. To say I am alarmed is an understatement.

I expected that some politicos would jump sides if they got enough heat. We have seen it already and will continue to happen. Their commitment to the 2A was based in our ability to deliver votes and not in true conviction. What we will also see is people in our side doing two things: One group not accustomed to the pressure will begin begging for a “compromise.” Not because it makes sense or it is the right thing to do but because they hate the spotlight. The other and perhaps most dangerous are those who are already trying to sabotage efforts so they can come to the rescue and be on the top of the Gun Issue when this goes away. I have no idea if they are doing this because of Ego, seeking power or just for the money they figure they may get. I am not naming anybody but keep an eye for these idiots who will condemn us to single shot revolvers if they can make hay out of this whole ordeal.