9 Replies to “Blink….”

    1. I probably couldn’t afford to travel to wherever they hold that funeral – Hawaii, Kenya, shykago (can’t call it Chicago as that is racist) – so I guess I’ll just watch it on the telly 😉

  1. Well, at least he got to bless the children before he sent them to the wolves.

    The pix I saw of him and Moochie hugging the kids made me want to vommit. (I think it was Moochie behind him, with her hand on a kid’s head… made me think of a snake charmer.

    1. That was about as inappropriate and nauseating as ‘him’ chuckling and making light of what should have been a very serious and somber affair. But when hasn’t ‘he’ done a bit of ‘grandstanding’ at other affairs where ‘he’ should have exhibited a wee bit of decorum.

  2. Since the live kids are a reminder of the dead kids, this is just more of the bloody Danse Macabre. Disgusting!

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