Dear Lord, please spare me from Idiots in Police Uniform and Ghostly Senators.

At a minimum, one would expect that the Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings is somewhat knowledgeable of the evil weapons he wants banned. He can talk the talk:

“They’re not being used in the capacity as a defensive weapon but in fact, they’re used for offensive purposes by criminals,” said Demings.

via Sheriff Jerry Demings, Sen. Bill Nelson call for tougher gun laws | News – Home.

But apparently, he is an outright ignorant about the so-called “assault weapons” as the captures from the video demonstrates.

Jerry Demmings 1

Jerry Demmings 2
He is truly an expert on “Assault Weapons” isn’t he?

For those not into the whole rifle thing, Sheriff Demings is trying to insert a 100 round AK Mag into an AR-15 type rifle which is a physical impossibility right along trying to shove a Greyhound bus into a mail slot.

And as for Senator Bill Nelson, it is actually nice to see him anywhere. Too bad he is doing propaganda against the Evil Black Rifles iinstead of doing what the people of Florida want according to the poll in his own website:

nelson poll today

These are the people who you are supposed to trust and you entrusted to represent you. Florida does have a Lemon Law but unfortunately only applies to bad products and not bad elected or appointed officials.

15 Replies to “Dear Lord, please spare me from Idiots in Police Uniform and Ghostly Senators.”

  1. Unless he removes the cable and lock, ain`t nothing being loaded in that club.
    Why isn`t the video playing for me? And no, I do not have a cable and lock on it.. πŸ™‚

  2. How do they know that AR15s and AKs are not used for defensive purposes? Are there statistics that measure all uses of these, and that therefore no one uses them for defense? how do they get a good sampling? Also, its most important defensive use has worked, we haven’t seen as much tyranny as we would without them in the hands of the good law abiding citizens of the USA. We’d be like Europe! As far as being so dumb, its just that. I guess the dumb are listened to, rather than those who know what they are talking about.

  3. There is a gentleman in Orange county who owns an 8,000 acre ranch and Jerry knows exactly who I mean. I’d like ol’ Jerry to go tell Steve he doesn’t have a good use for an AR on his property! Cantankerous Steve WILL throw Jerrys ass off his land personally!

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