Homeowner grabs “Assault Weapon” and traumatizes poor Amateur Relocating Entrepreneur

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Homeowner grabs shotgun, confronts thief

And yes, the home owner’s shotgun is now classified as an “Assault Weapon” if we let the idiots in DC get away with what they want. It has an evil folding stock and double-evil pistol grip ZOMG!
But hey! Once they are banned, the home owner will be so much safer!

3 Replies to “Homeowner grabs “Assault Weapon” and traumatizes poor Amateur Relocating Entrepreneur”

  1. He got the shotgun out of the safe? That’s not very safe, that evil black shotgun could have gotten loose and gone on a killin’ spree all by itself. You know it’s doubly evil dangerous with that pistol grip that allows you to spray dozens of bullets at one time to mow down as many people as possible. With that shotty being black and plastic, that neighborhood is lucky it didn’t ‘just go off’ and leave the ‘hood looking like a nuke just exploded.

    Now that I used the word nuke, I also have type DHS, dirty bomb, and FBI so you can get more visits from D.C. but this is by no means a terrorist threat. (I added that last one just for grins and giggles)



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