Danny Glover: “2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery.”

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

via [WATCH] Actor Danny Glover tells students 2nd Amendment was created to protect slavery.

You have to understand Mr. Glover for saying stupid shit like that. He is worried sick about the health of that paladin of Freedom and his personal friend Hugo Chavez fighting cancer in a private hospital in Havana.

Glover is a certified Left Wing idiot. As such, he has neither the problem of altering/ignoring history nor throwing his own race under the bus if necessary. If as he said, the Second Amendment was created to protect Slavery, how come racists went to legal extremes to declare blacks not citizens (or even human) and therefore not allowed to have rights?

[Blacks] beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.

It would give to persons of the negro race, …the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, …to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased …the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went.
Dred Scott decision

Danny Glover, sad pathetic man desperately seeking attention & relevance in a time he wouldn’t be hired by Hollywood to do a ED commercial.


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  1. I think he’s echoing this vapid piece from the paragons of honesty and truthful reporting, Truth-out [dot]org: http://truth-out.org/news/item/13890-the-second-amendment-was-ratified-to-preserve-slavery which Bob Owens does a pretty good job of dissecting here: http://www.bob-owens.com/2013/01/from-fertile-to-fertilizer-a-debunking-of-the-revisionist-history-of-the-origins-of-the-second-amendment/

    Ultimately, my thought is, “Who cares?” The amendment is there, it’s been there, and now it serves everyone. And I agree with Bob: the Bill of Rights was not some hastily assembled tripe to keep everyone happy and voting for it, like, say, a modern-day disaster relief package for the East Coast.


  2. I don’t care where he’s coming from; he has found new levels of Teh Stoopid. In fact he should be o the “No Guns For You” list, as this borders on insanity.


  3. Is this Glover’s way to help remove the second amendment? Does this fool not realize that if that happens that all of us will become slaves? What a moron!
    He needs to spend more time at the library and study his history a little more.



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