They Aim To BS: The ‘Assault Weapon equals Assault Rifle’ meme, South Florida Edition.

SFDB is a South Florida hipster blogger that pretends to be my particular troll. He is banned from this blog, but he can reach me via Twitter because he is fun to screw with. His latest attempt went (and still goes) like this:
SFDB WEAPON panel 1 His link comes from a Daily Kos article perpetuating Josh Sugarmann’s attempt to muddy the definitions between Assault Rifle and Assault Weapon in order to elicit emotional response instead of reason in the “conversation about guns.” (In the tweet I accidentally posted 1988 for the article but the year is actually 1998.)

SFDB WEAPON03Simple, right? A rifle is one subset in the category of weapons, yet the Anti Gun Narrative paints weapon as only a rifle. Even the dumbest of the dumb has to get it and that is why I do not give credence that Gun Control Advocates are just “uninformed” but plain liars.

SFDB WEAPON04It is easy to see where this is going. But I love the way he stepped into the breach… and shots himself in the foot.
SFDB WEAPON05He links to result for weapon which is OK, but the conversation is about his point that Assault Weapon is the Same as Assault Rifle and frankly the Thesaurus answer ensures hilarity.
SFDB WEAPONAssault Blowgun? Assault Harpoon? Assault Scythe? Assault Bowie Knife? But my favorite hands-down-heartly-laugh has to be Assault Banderilla:
banderilla01The term “Assault Weapon” has now become any weapon Gun Control activists want banned. There is no definition for the term on purpose: they can tailor it to fit whatever the hell they feel needs to be prohibited. From Henry .22LR Lever action rifles that can carry more than the magical 10 round capacity to the good old pump shotgun that happens to have a pistol grip, they are “Assault Weapons” because some legislator somewhere says so  and not because any technical or historical reason. Even SFDB cannot be stupid enough to confuse a pump shotgun with a select-fire rifle, but he will continue with the lie because that is the way gun control hipsters dubstep. (Hipsters don’t roll…or so I am told)

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  1. Kinda sad that a supposed educated person like him doesn’t know that synonyms does not mean “definition” .

    You did great in pointing out the lack of logic and the huge lies they need to tell.

  2. I got into this nonsense with Japete before too. She didn’t consider guns/weapons as tools. I insisted that weapons were a kind of tool, a subset as you said. She couldn’t grasp it, they were just different and how dare I call them anything buy deadly murder machines. It’s as if she were insulted by the very notion that weapons were a neutral thing and it depended on who was using it and how.

  3. Rick, aka SFDB, aka South Florida Daily Blog, aka Stupid Fucking Douche Bag, aka South Florida Douche Bag, is a moron. He’s the ‘Fredo Corleone of the South Florida blogosphere.’ The perfect example of the dumb fuck liberal who hates and hates and hates, and then projects that hate on others who differ with him.

    He doesn’t “think,” he doesn’t “read much” — he admitted as much on his blog — and he fulfills the liberal parrot stereotype like a charm: he just repeats whatever he reads at ThinkProgress or DailyKos or any other leftist rag, and then pretends to be enlightened, educated, compassionate, multi-cultural, and smart.

  4. This is a Public Service Announcement.

    Every day hundreds of children turn to something worse than drugs, worse than gangs, worse than even prostitution. Some children just turn into hipsters. In some cases there is no way to stop the transformation before it’s complete, and your community will quickly be awashed in clove cigarettes and the word Ironic used incessantly in the wrong way. That drum circle in the park isn’t peaceful loving hippies anymore, its dirty stinking hipsters.

    Firefighters quickly found out in the Hipster invasion of ’08 that even using high powered water hoses against the hipsters did nothing but make their odor slightly less likely to cause normal people to rip their noses off in attempts to stiffle the smell. Those that did who were successful and live still have nightmares from the hipster horde’s stench…

    Do your part today to help the Hipster Scourge. Rapid application of soap and a haircut and shaving off their neckbeards only helps so far. Take a small child out and help them get some self respect. Hipsters have a high mortality rate, if we remove their means of reproducing, we can remove the Hipsters themselves.

    This is a Public Service Announcement, remember, Hipsters aren’t people.

    In other news in honor of Gun Appreciation day, I joined the NRA!

      1. I’m excited. Should be putting in my CHL application in on Monday at the sheriff and having NRA membership sent to me about the same time I get my CHL. So the same time I’m getting the added bonus of helping my rights be protected, I’ll be legally allowed to protect my own life! Yay! *cheer*

  5. I want an assault boomerang. Is that the one with the high-capacity magazine, or the one with the fully-automatic firing mode?

  6. As you probably noticed of late, I have taken up the cause of confronting Rick regarding his “positions” on gun control in some of the comment sections under his posts. It is not entirely clear that he has any positions, rather, much of his posting is aimed solely at demonizing gun owners and the NRA. If you try and have a rational argument, try to make distinctions between various kinds of weapons, try to discuss facts, statistics, logic and reason, or have any other “conversation about guns” he and his peanut gallery melt down.

    Rick (and I sometimes doubt he is one person) is spoon-fed his posts by the network of progressive/commie blogs. I do not know if it is organic or centrally orchestrated, the latter would not surprise me in the least. But know that you are not dealing with an original thinker, just a parrot, and that explains why there is absolutely no depth to his arguments, and why he is so poor at defending them.

    I normally don’t care much for conspiracy theories, but more and more I suspect that SFDB and other progressive blogs must be receiving outside funding or other support. It does not seem realistic that a person could do as much volume blog reviewing as he does, on such a wide variety of topics, unless he was retired or being paid to do it. I could see how perhaps if his day job also involves media research it would be easy to blog so much on the side, but what other job would allow so much free time?

    Not that it really matters to me whether SFDB is the work of one or a few true grass roots progressives, or is merely masquerading as one to seem not so “corporate” or folksy as say, I care more about the underlying issues and arguments and try to avoid getting hung up on the nature of the people making them, so if he is getting paid for his blogging, good for him.

    But I would rather argue with the man in charge than waste my time with his errand boy. And my gut tells me that is exactly what Rick is, the errand boy.

  7. I am tired of the gun owning community doing the “assault rifle” semantics dance. I, at this point, don’t care what they call it anymore. There is not one anti-gunner who will change their mind from “want to ban” to “allow civilians to own” on these types of guns, just because we changed what they are called. The issue is much deeper than that. Either, you believe that a human being with no criminal record has the right to posess the best, most advanced and efficient tools available to defend themselves, or you don’t.

    I was asked about my assault rifle ownership after Sandy Hook. When pressed with “why do you need one as a civilian? Aren’t those kinds of guns designed to kill lots of people?” I smiled and “yes, yes they are.” And that is the whole point. Do I have a gun by the bed, in case someone comes in the middle of the night for my TV? Yes. That’s not why I have an assault rifle. I have an assault rifle because of the very real (and don’t BS me that “it’s never going to happen in America”) threat that someone will break into my house to pin a yellow star on my chest and drag my loved ones off to a camp.

    I know, I know, I’m “over reacting” or “being paranoid” but when I see things like this published and distributed in America:

    My FIRST reaction is to oil up the AR and make sure all of my mags are topped off.

  8. First, excellent fisking of his/their points.

    Second, I have to ask: your Twitter photo/avatar-thingie looks familiar – does it come from the sadly short-lived “Jericho”? Or did the producers of that show “borrow” the design from someplace else?

  9. A troubled little individual.

    By his logic you can completely decompose any compound word and get the definition. So those people in New York and New Jersey who’s homes were destroyed were proud owners of “Mushrooms”, since “Mush” means to “crush into paste” and “Room” is a cell in a building. So houses turned to paste must be “Mushrooms”.

    Also the subjects of my “Gun Death?” Files are all “Assault Weapons”, because they are “Weapons” used in “Assaults”.

    I’m amazed that they don’t feel any shame for being so publicly stupid. This kind of circular statement is something most people should grow out of before they leave grade school.

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