The 2013 Fight for the Second Amendment: Chapter Two.

President Obama could not get his way via Executive “recommendations” but he did use the bully pulpit to pressure Congress into bring back Gun Control Laws and the renewal of the utter failure of the Assault Weapons Ban. He knows that the only way to make Congress cave is via Media Assault, shaming congresscritters into voting for new legislation.

Expect a renewed and more focused attack from the Moribund Stream Media. My local rag, The Miami Herald came out swinging today with 2 editorials: one against Stand Your Ground rehashing the Trayvon Martin case and the other basically calling anybody supporting the Second Amendment insane.

For years, opponents have managed to block effective gun control legislation by wrapping themselves up in the Constitution and decrying any restrictive effort as an attack on the Second Amendment. That’s a smokescreen. Courts have made clear that the Second Amendment is not a bar to sensible regulation.
Justice Antonin Scalia’s majority ruling in the famous Heller decision in 2008 held that gun rights are “not unlimited.” Further, the court has said lawmakers can ban felons and the mentally ill from owning guns. Lower courts have also upheld other restrictions, such as bans on machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.

We are akin to Felons and the Mentally Ill according to the editors in the Herald. Even when they quote Scalia saying that gun rights are not limited, they do fail to mention that the same Scalia said the same People should enjoy the protections of the Second Amendment just like the protections accorded under the First and the Fourth.

In some instances, Mr. Obama’s initiative would only close loopholes in existing law, such as imposing a universal background check on gun sales.

Some 40 percent of those sales are conducted at gun shows, over the Internet, and by private sellers, with no criminal background checks taking place at all.

This is a lovely piece of misinformation bringing together lies from the 90s with lies of the 21st century. Back in the Clinton Era, we were bombarded with the news that almost half of the transactions  that happened at gun shows did were not used background checks. People rose in moral outrage and mayors everywhere complained that Gun Shows were the favorite place for Drug Dealers to buy the “Assault Weapons” so popular for drive-bys and assorted killings happening every day. Here is the twist: Yes, a lot of transaction at gun shows did not use Background checks….for the simple reason that it was not required since they were not selling guns. Anybody who has ever been to a guns how cannot miss the great percentage of tables dedicated to sell ancillary stuff, ammunition, beef jerky, clothing, holsters, knives, books and other publications. The internet claim is also accurate, but not truthful and it is aimed at legitimate FFL sales fronts & auction sites. There are indeed some (very few) sites that work more local classified ads and involve mostly face-to-face transactions which are not very popular since we are indeed a suspicious bunch and after reading so many reports of people being robbed by fake buyers or sellers in Craiglist transactions, only the true foolish would take a dare of such magnitude. FFLs and Net Front sores will ship to other FFLs and this has been the practice since their inception. And since we have heard very little complaining coming from ATF and DOJ regarding these particular ways of doing firearm business, one has to wonder how many criminals actually try to pull a fast one online.
I am not going to fisk the whole editorial: it is the customary flawed repetition of manure that the dying Miami Herald is so fond of doing. I do however leave you with the thought expressed in the last scene of the movie Absence of Malice and hope you use it as tool to counter similar examples in your own local rag or Moribund Stream Media:
-Sarah Wylie: I need to know how to describe your relationship with Gallagher. Mac said to quote you directly. You can say whatever you want.
-Megan Carter: Just… say we were involved.
-Sarah Wylie: That’s true, isn’t it?
-Megan Carter: No. But it’s accurate.


Suppose you picked up this morning's newspaper and your life was a front page headline... And everything they said was accurate... But none of it was true?
Suppose you picked up this morning’s newspaper and your life was a front page headline… And everything they said was accurate… But none of it was true?

PS: I always forget to mention that the newsroom scenes of the movie were filmed in the soon to be defunct Miami Herald Building. I am guessing the lessons of the movie were never considered by the Miami Herald editorial gang and staff.

2 Replies to “The 2013 Fight for the Second Amendment: Chapter Two.”

  1. I explained the ‘gun show loophole’ in a manner my group can understand.

    Me: “You’ve been to an anime convention’s dealer’s room, right?”
    Friend: “Yes.”
    Me: “Did they only sell anime DVDs?”
    Friend: “Hell no.”
    Me: “Same deal with gun shows. From shirts to tactical bacon, we buy stuff like that. Now, do you honestly need a background check on a 25USD shirt of Miyafuji Yoshika from Strike Witches?”
    Friend: “No?”
    Me: “Now you see why that crap is a load of shit. Why would I need a background check for a one dollar desktop Gagsden Flag? Or a, going to the anime convention example, a 25USD shirt of my favorite character?”


  2. The 40% number is a red herring anyway. How many of those 40% involve a sale to a criminal? Damn few because most criminals aren’t going to pay retail for a gun when they can get a stolen one off the street for less than $100.00. If stopping criminals was truly the goal they would advocate for harsher sentences for crimes committed while in possession of a gun. Tracking guns and disarming the serfs is their goal and the uninformed masses continue to fall for it.



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