Dear CSGV: The Interwebs is Forever.

Apparently the new Intern working Social Media for the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence had a wee bit problem differentiating between “prosecute”  and “persecute.” You know it is bad when even its followers had to point out the correction at least 9 times before something was done and that was a generous application of memory hole.

CSGV persecute mainTruth be told, I am not sure if CSGV really cares if we are prosecuted or persecuted.

7 Replies to “Dear CSGV: The Interwebs is Forever.”

  1. They don’t that’s why they want to classify the NRA as a hate organization. Which is ironic since they hate gun owners but we don’t hate them. We just want to be left alone.

  2. Perhaps we should start a petition to have the CSGV officially recognized as a hate group, given they’re encouraging persecution of gun owners out in the open like that.

  3. Nobody else thinks it’s hilarious that “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” suggests “correcting” the typo to “prosectute”? What’s next — “prostitute”?

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