This is why I call them Congresscritters.

Gillibrand said she and Kirk plan to introduce a bill next week that would make gun trafficking a federal crime.

via Gun Violence Legislation: Senate Bills Emerge With Bipartisan Support.

Are these two idiots aware of 18 USC Chapter 44 – Firearms ?

Sub 922 defines trafficking 7 ways from Sunday and sub 924 provides the penalties from 5 to 10 years plus “cash & prizes’ incentives.” You tell me that they are going to increase the penalties for illegal trafficking and I am there, but to say there are no provisions in our Federal law? That is just plain ignorance brought out to the light for their stupid need to be in the limelight.



5 Replies to “This is why I call them Congresscritters.”

  1. Yep – just more of that ‘if we just make it illegal enough’ twaddle. That’s why I call them CONgresscritters…………………..


  2. This is right up there with Carolyn McCarthy and her “Shoulder Thing that Goes Up” line.

    These people are pushing laws that effect how people buy, sell, own and carry guns, and they’d be hard pressed to even pick any of those guns out of a lin up, and certainly have no idea how their laws will work in the wild.

    We should be terrified and outraged….and some of us are, but the scary thing is how many who aren’t.



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