CSGV: Terrorist Alert in New Hampshire!

They are back with the Insurrectionist Meme but with the improved Terrorist Twist to add new flavor:

And of course, the Laddites chime in:

CSGV NH 2One has to wonder if Mr. Updike even watched the video. Maybe where he lives, having a rally like that is not considered redressing grievances but a terrorist attack. Or maybe it is in his fearful little brain that you are only allowed to peacefully protest if the politics is approved by the Gov. . I did find this comment in his facebook timeline:
CSGV NH 3And to close the “We are CSGV, we believe in Freedom and the Bill Of Rights” we have the following words by another Laddite:
CSGV NH 4And we are the Evil Ones….

12 Replies to “CSGV: Terrorist Alert in New Hampshire!”

  1. It surprises me how they never take facts into light of a situation. I support the 2nd Amendment and all of the Constitution of the United States as well as the Bill of Rights. However I do not try to force anyone to give up their rights unless they are a criminal but these people always think they are better then others and try to force us to give up our rights…. they need to move to their own little island in the middle of the ocean.

  2. can someone please tell “john updike” that the new, democrat-led government here in NH ELIMINATED the committee for redress of grievances? because, well, we can’t have the peasants griping abut the job the government is doing…

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