Home invasion in Texas…. Good outcome and the Antis HATE IT.

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” I needed a split second for them to take their eyes off of me. I said, ‘It might be under here.’ They started talking to each other in Spanish and then a roll of duct tape came out,” said Erin.

At this point, Erin said she prayed for something to distract them so she could grab her gun. She said her prayers were answered when her dogs ran in and started barking.

“They all turned around and looked. I grabbed my gun, cocked it, I turned and shot him right in the stomach,” said Erin.

via Home invasion suspect arrested after woman opens fire | News – Home.

Not only a case for owning a gun but a reminder that the old saying “One is none and Two is One.” I have a feeling that the first gun suffered some malfunction and a second gun came in really handy. The homeowner did not stop fighting even after the malfunction and being assaulted but one would not expect less from a mom protecting her kid.

Now, why the “Antis hate it” tag? I checked the comments….and it is hilarious!

Hammer of Justice  2 days ago

This is a Fake story paid for by the NRA

Say what?

Facebook User 2 days ago

No one dead, in custody or the hospital? I smell a hoax.


Crystal Lake 2 days ago

Obvious hoax, one probably written by the NRA and handed to “Local 2” with orders to claim it actually happened. We can expect the NRA to be spreading these fake “happy gun” hoaxes across the Internet as the country finally starts working to solve the NRA gunloon problem.

Oh hell. You cannot just suspend disbelief but vaporize it to think ANY media outlet would accept anything coming from the NRA at face value & much less go to the air with it without being confirmed by 17 sources and the Pope.

I understand that the original story may not have mentioned the arrest of Adrian Granados-Yepez at the hospital where he sought treatment for his ballistic belly button, but that the Opposition went ahead and declared it a NRA-Backed hoax is just a sure sign of desperation. The Gun Control official narrative and RPG Manual states that women are incapable of defending themselves and that confronting an armed attacker will surely lead to death. And to think we are the ones being accused of being Aluminum Milliners* and observing black helicopters floating behind the local Taco Bell.

They are getting desperate and they will become even crazier and dangerous stupid.

* Yes, I looked the word up….sue me.

12 Replies to “Home invasion in Texas…. Good outcome and the Antis HATE IT.”

    1. You are right, they don’t live in the real world. And that’s the main problem with them.
      I keep saying liberalism is a mental disorder and they keep supplying the proof.


    1. Article changed in the sense that the original did not mention an arrest and then was updated to mention it. In between the antis were claiming the news item was a hoax planted by the NRA.


  1. They think it’s a hoax? LOL Local 2 [and I live in houston] is so far left I’m surprised they don’t fucking fall over.


  2. Wait, aren’t these the same guys saying “The NRA isn’t that big an organization, they can’t even get a pro-gun president elected.”

    so the NRA isn’t powerful enough that lawmakers should be concerned, but they ARE powerful enough to produce fabricated news stories and get them published by the Left-sympathizing news outlets?


  3. It’s called willful ignorance. Also common among the religious, where the real world disagrees with their fantasy.



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