7 Replies to ““Do not photoshop the President shooting!” (Yeah right!)”

    1. Of course, no one can help but notice the monstrous puffs of ‘smoke’ ballooning out the barrel and ports… causes me to wonder how they managed to hide the steam hoses, or if it’s a two grain charge of Three-F black powder.

  1. Great photoshops! Has anyone noticed that he’s shooting level? If he was really shooting skeet or trap, the shotgun would be significantly above the horizontal plane. Plus, it looks like a 28″ barrel which screams trap, 26″ being the customary length for skeet. The original photo was obviously staged – no actual shooting sports taking place.

    1. Actually, some ‘skeet’ clays are near ground level to simulate rabbits. The thing about skeet compared to trap is that skeet ‘birds’ can come from a High or Low house, simulating different shotty critters, from Bugsy to Daffy flying overhead. All depends on which stage you’re on. In trap, the birds come from the same height house, just different angles of flight. So I don’t have a problem with the shotgun angle- it’s everything else that’s wrong with the picture, such as his stance, the ‘smoke’ coming from only one port, the smoke itself- I’ve never seen it that bright on any trap shoot. And the way he’s holding the gun makes my face and shoulder hurt. I do agree this is a staged PS shot, probably taken on the front lawn of Camp David- notice the road running parrallel the frame? The whole scene doesn’t have the right look or feel for a skeet or trap range.

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