War On Women, it sucks when they are armed.

A man armed with a shotgun who forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s Newberry home Sunday was driven away after a fight inside the home, according to a report.

When he returned with another shotgun, a woman inside the home and a teenager each shot him with handguns, the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office reported.

via Gainesville man, David Drown, shot to death after forcing his way into home, deputies say | Gatorsports.com.

One thing is the fake “War on Women” and another totally different is to wage War on Armed Women.

True feminism is a manicured index finger properly indexing a firearm. Color of both nail polish and firearm might match.

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  1. I actually had to look up “War on Women,” and it turns out I wasn’t familiar with the concept because it’s so moronic.

    I’d wager Republicans treat their women better than Democrats do, too.



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