“ZOMG! “Assault Weapons Shoots Down Da Planes!”

According to the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Church of the Eternal Racist Baiting Clown, “Assault Weapons” can shoot down planes and even blow up railroads.

I think somebody stayed up late watching The Dirty Dozen.

And I support his First Amendment Right to say as much stupid crap like that. He can only help us.

8 Replies to ““ZOMG! “Assault Weapons Shoots Down Da Planes!””

  1. So they say they can take out planes and trains, but they’d be useless in a civil war because of what the military has. So which is it?


    1. Anti gun people aren’t the smartest. I’m pretty sure 99% of all guns in working order in America right now can easily puncture air plane siding. The only ones I think can’t are short barreled .22 shorts and possibly muzzle loaders that aren’t rated for at least about 50-60 grains.

      Heck I bet the average hunting bow could send an arrow through an airplane side.

      Also, in personal news, I got my CCW!!!! And a holster. And I’m wearing it now because it feels weird and I’m trying to get use to it. I plan on playing Lord of the Rings Online for a few hours and see if I stop noticing it.



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