CSGV: “We don’t need no stinking truth!”

Again and fresh from Their Facebook page:

CSGV ConspiracyBut if you actually go to the article, what you read is something completely different:

CSGV Conspiracy2And they still wonder why the are losing ground and why people (except the MSM) do not trust them.

Josh & Ladd can give NBC/MSNBC classes on how to blatantly lie to the People.

4 Replies to “CSGV: “We don’t need no stinking truth!””

  1. Nice job by the lying bastards. I may have to post this one. I guess I really should check my FB a little more often than once a month.

    I wonder how many of their followers on FB and twitty are pro gun? The majority? I know I got banned from posting on their site, bastards.

  2. I’m slacking off…I haven’t done a post insulting the idiots, or even bothered to condescend to read the idiots…in weeks.

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