If you speak German…..

Make meinungsterror.de a regular stop in your blog roll. I am condemned to use Google Translate, but even then I can tell this guy does not pull any punches. And it will also give you a darn good idea of the gun control crap our fellow Kraut shooters have to deal with in Deutschland.   His latest post lets you know that statistical manipulation or plain lies disguised as stats are not the sole domain of the Bradys in the US.

Bleiben Sie stark Bruder!


3 Replies to “If you speak German…..”

  1. Thank you for mentioning of my blog here, I feel extremely honored. 🙂

    Here in Germany they took our rights to own and carry guns slice by slice over the past 40 years. Until 1972 every adult person could buy rifles and ammunition even by mail order. Today you need a permission for nearly every type of firearm, even for a smallbore singleshot rifle or a coachgun.

    Don’t give the gun grabbers a small finger, they will take your hand and your whole arm, too.

    Greetings from Saxony


    (Please excuse my bad english, my last english lesson was back in 1984…)



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