DoubleStar: You ain’t getting my guns either.

From their Facebook page:

Effective Immediately!!
Due to the recent changes in 2nd Amendment laws that are pending or currently enforced by states across the country, the J&T Family of Companies which includes J&T Distributing, DoubleStar Corp., Ace Limited, and the DoubleStar Training Academy has been forced to reassess our policies regarding government and law enforcement sales. Effective immediately, the J&T Family of Companies will be joining other manufacturers and distributors by ceasing sales of regulated items in states that have altered the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms.

The JTFOC will no longer sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies or any government agencies in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their law abiding citizens. We hope other companies will join us with their support. We applaud those already involved with this effort to protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

-Be Victorious



4 Replies to “DoubleStar: You ain’t getting my guns either.”

  1. Awesome! We need the big boys to jump in. I can certainly understand their hesitancy. I urge a leader at Smith, Colt, Glock to call your counterparts at your competitors and start a conversation. Let capitalism reign.


  2. check with the list.. it seems you have not all of the companies. The more exposure these companies get from blogs like yours, the better for us. Also, support the quest to ask S&W, SIG, Glock to reconsider selling to agencies.. or at least only sell them the 7 round mags (in NY)…

    Keep the good work up.


  3. On Facebook I’ve noticed LEOs and New Yorkers complaining that they’re being punished by these actions. My response: “I have only respect for the average NY state LEO, but I have only disdain for their bosses in Albany, and, where appropriate, their local leaders. When I had a bad boss, I found a job in another state. P.S. Those who continued to work for the NYPD after Bloomberg said he controlled “the seventh largest army in the world” affirmed their allegiance to the Dark Side.



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