ALERT! Marion Hammer needs us — and We Need Marion Hammer

Got this email. She is probably the most feared woman in Florida politics and she is in our side. When everybody was cringing and trying to stay away from defending Stand Your Ground in Florida, she came out swinging her awesome ninja sword/lightsaber…. OK, just herself stood proud und loud beating the tide of opposition.


Marion Hammer is up for re-election to the Board of Directors of the NRA. It’s our turn to step up to the plate (as she has done for us consistently over the years) and support her. Marion has been unyielding in her support of the Second Amendment at both the state and national levels.

If you are a voting member (Life Member or have been an annual member for 5 consecutive years) your ballot to elect NRA Board Members will be in your March 2013 issue of your NRA magazine.

Check your March issue for your ballot and be sure to vote. Vote for Marion Hammer — it is not necessary for you to vote for anyone else — BUT — you need to Vote for Marion Hammer. We need her representation on the NRA Board.

If you have a concealed carry license, thank Marion. Her efforts led the way to “shall issue” licenses nationwide.

The right to protect yourself without fear of criminal prosecution for armed self-defense? Thank Marion .

The award winning and nationally recognized Eddie Eagle gun safety program for children, again, thank Marion — she was the creator and driving force behind it.

You can shoot at an outdoor range without fear of a state or local government agency zoning the range out of existence because Marion was there to push through the Range Protection Act.

Remember Bill Clinton’s anti-gun sweetheart Sarah Brady? It was Marion Hammer who went toe to toe with her while the media fawned over Brady and tried to give her a free hand in spreading falsehoods about lawful gun owners.

At the state and federal level, Marion has stood on the front line insuring the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and our rights under the Second Amendment remain secure.

Marion has never viewed being on the NRA Board as something for a resume. She dedicates herself daily to unselfishly working to insure that our rights as lawful gun owners remain inviolate.

I have known and worked with Marion Hammer for almost 40 years. There is no one I know who has dedicated so much of her soul to protecting us from the gun-grabbers.

Perhaps today more that ever, we need to show our support for her hard work. I urge you to get out your March issue of The American Rifleman, The American Hunter or America’s First Freedom, if you are a voting members, pull out the official ballot that is attached inside and vote for Marion Hammer.

As we have seen in recent political elections complacency can lead to harmful results. Please vote for Marion Hammer for the NRA Board of Directors. Below is a list of some the other accomplishments Marion has achieved for NRA members and all law-abiding gun owners.

~ Nation’s first “shall issue” Right-to-Carry law
~ Firearms Preemption to Stop Local Gun Control
~ Right-to-Carry Reciprocity law
~ Protection Against Expiration of CW Licenses for Active Duty Military
~ Hunter Protection law
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures for Noise/ Nuisance
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures by Government Environmental Lawsuits
~ Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Protection
~ Restoration of Castle Doctrine Protection
~ Stand Your Ground Protection
~ No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands
~ Hunter Voter Registration
~ Right to Carry in National Forests
~ Gun Registration Prohibition
~ No Confiscation of Firearms During State of Emergency
~ Penalties for Local Governments who violate Gun Rights
~ Protection Against Doctors Violating Gun Owners Privacy Rights
~ Numerous Fee Reductions for CW License Holders
and much more……

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