Dog shoots owner in Florida.

Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Fla., and his dog were in his truck Saturday when his dog kicked a loaded gun on the floor, shooting him in the leg, the Highlands Today newspaper reported.

Lanier told authorities he didn’t know his .380 pistol was loaded.

Sebring police have ruled the shooting accidental, and Lanier was not seriously injured, according to the Highlands Today.

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Either the dog was a Beggin’ Strips fiend or found out they were on their way to the vet for a neutering. I am inclined to go with the second option and the shooting to be ruled as justified.

On a serious note: If you are not carrying, keep your guns in a secure manner, preferably in a locked box if you are not planning to have it with you.

Stupid hurts.

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  1. Been trying to find my Florida so I’d know if getting shot there would hurt much…

    In other news, I’m constantly amazed how many people there are without the sense God gave a pissant. Why the hell was the gun exposed (enough) on the floor that the dog could lick it with enough pressure to set it off? Why did he think it was unloaded? Didn’t he check? The dog sure made an ass of him, didn’t it? No, wait- he made the ass of himself. Then I wonder, why was it on the floor to begin with? Really- is that some super secret spy place that makes the weapon invisible to the bad guys and super efficient to grab and use when needed?

    Ironically (is it ironic?), this story is so full of holes that the man should be arrested and charged with endangering an animal’s welfare, then checked into a mental ward until he learns what an ass he is.


    1. Or we all could be grateful that the government isn’t raping him for a dumb mistake.

      Yeah, it’s dumb, but it wasn’t criminal. Try not to carry the same mentality of the gun-grabbers in our country. The government is best when it isn’t involved.



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