Attention Floridians: We are officially in the sights of the Gun Control Crowd.

SB 1670: Assault Weapons and Magazines introduced by Senator Arthenia L. Joyner (D) and more likely written by the lawyers from MAIG reproducing and even increasing NY’s SAFE law.

This bill is so overreaching it boggles the mind. Besides your new definition of Assault Weapon seen in other states, this one includes many of the most popular semi auto pistols out there:

(1) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section, the term:
(a) “Assault weapon” means:
A semiautomatic pistol, or any semiautomatic, centerfire
or rimfire rifle with a fixed magazine, which has the capacity
to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Also, the simple possession of parts which can be interpreted by somebody as belonging to an “Assault Weapon” would be illegal.

A conversion kit, part, or combination of parts from
which an assault weapon can be assembled if the kit, part, or combination of parts is in the possession or under the control of the same person.

Just imagine that you obeyed the law and got rid of your Glock 19 Assault Weapon, but somehow forgot that NY Trigger kit and was to be found by authorities? Yup, it is as bad as if you owned a fully functional, fully automatic FAL and just sprayed a bus full of nuns.

Of course, Ms. Joyner offer us alternatives: We can send the EBRPS (Evil Black Rifle, Pistol, Rifle) to another state ( Gun Exile), we can turn it to the proper authorities for destruction or, if you are a really really good boy, you can register your EBRPS with the Department of Law Enforcement and they shall do a background check on you and, if you shall pass it, you get to register your EBRPS and only 3 of those evil assault magazine clips barretes/placemats/holders that carry boolits. Oh yes, you have only 6 months to be registered or you are pffffft!

Speaking of evil assault magazine clips barretes/placemats/holders, no magazines over 10 rounds whether fixed or removable are allowed and that includes tubular mags. I did not see exceptions anywhere for the Henry Lever action rifle in .22LR so that makes it an EBRPS because it has a tubular magazine that carries 15 rounds. Same as with EBRPS, the simple possession of a part that can be used in an evil assault magazine clips barretes/placemats/holders is now illegal. You have the floor plate for an AK 47? Ay-ya-yay!
Still reading the bill and trying to translate the legalese to less than BS or English. Anyway, it is safe to say we should start pestering our State Rep and Senator plus Attorney general Bondy and Governor Scott….like right this frigging minute.

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      1. Seriously? Instigating treason? Treason is going against the Constitution…this is the greatest document in the world and other countries wish they had one like it. No, we are fighting for our god given rights!!


        1. One of CSGV’s memes is Treason against the Government. I don’t have to tell you how much we have laughed at them for that. 😀


  1. I’d argue they would see simply owning the Glock 9mm trigger kit as FAR WORSE than spraying a bus full of nuns, as the nuns are Catholic and therefore belong to a demographic segment which is A-OK to oppress. They’d probably try to give you a commendation.

    But yes, these bills are decidedly moronic and a gross over-reach of authority. Hopefully you guys in Florida are better off politically than we are in Colorado.

    Perhaps some of our “Representatives” can encounter a few “accidents.”


  2. Instead of fighting, let’s get together and open Florida Anger Management University. (I tried to make the acronym say something dirty but failed.)
    We’ll have hundreds of locations across the state and the government will MANDATE that people attend our classes.
    Just like traffic schools, we can have Comedy Anger Management, Anger Management for Singles, Anger Management for Those Who Want to Pretend They’re Single, Topless Anger Management, etc. This is GREAT!
    If we can’t have our rights, at least we can be rich. And if we’re rich, we can donate large amounts to the Democrat Party, which will then grant us exceptions, such as New York state is doing for film producers.
    It’s not as crazy as it seems.


  3. WOW… This is a complete over reach of the authority given to our elected officials!

    Better start writing every one who represents a vote in this decision and tell them the only way they are getting OUR 2nd amendment rights is by force! “asking” for our firearms is the same as “asking” for another full blown revolution!




    Senator Arthenia L. Joyner,
    I would LOVE to hear your honest opinion, not a pre-written automated response, as to WHY you think proposing ANY kind of fire arm restrictions is 1) a good idea and 2) will make a bit of difference in the amount of crimes committed? Seriously, please try to change my mind!

    As of now though, I must bring to your attention that this is a act of TREASON and directly infringes upon our constitutional rights!! One could argue that firearms are needed for “hunting” and this is what our forefathers meant by the 2nd amendment. Well, please think for a second of the times that our constitution was written in. There was no “recreational” hunting going on. You hunted for survival and to provide food for your family. The 2nd amendment is CLEARLY written to give Americans the right to defend them self’s against aggressors, both foreign and domestic. In addition, it is clearly stated that this right is given to us as a means to keep our government in check. The moment that any governing body takes away this right, we have as a nation, lost our ability to defend our self’s by force!

    Humor me for a second if you would….. What do you think would happen if, god forbid, another nation were to forcibly enter this country? Should I rely upon the National Guard and other government entities to protect me and my family? Do you HONESLTY think that the government will be able to protect every single individual American from any harm that may come there way? This would be IMPOSSIBLE as there are simply more citizens than there are military personnel. Sure you could build some FEMA or NATO camps (which is already being done) to stick us in “for our protection”. But again, the only person who cares about me and my family as much as I do… is ME! And the only person that I will rely upon to protect my family and I is ME!

    So here I am defending my family against an out right attack against our nation, and I have 10 rounds in my pistol magazine… compared to the 1,000s of rounds the attacker has…. Do you REALLY think that those 10 rounds are going to be enough? It is stated in a well known article discussing the selection of hand gun ammunition for police and military forces, that a well trained officer should expect, at best, to have 1-2 rounds hit an aggressor during a firefight. So me, who has very little “assault tactics” training, would have an even smaller count of “hits” to an assailant. So every 10 shots I have to reload a magazine into the fire arm. (more reloads=more chances of the aggressor shooting me) Not to mention, now I have to carry more magazines around with me while defending my family… which translates into less clothing and food I can carry with me.

    NOW, I know what your thinking (if you even bothered to read this far) is that “oh that will never happen” or “ Well you should trust in your government to defend you”….

    WELL, look at history, not even OLD history but relative recent history. There are SEVERAL recent events in other countries that started with slight gun control, that lead to more, that lead to more, that lead to a “gun registry” that lead to “gun confiscation” followed quickly by an oppressive government. I refuse to live that scenario in my own country and will defend my rights with force if necessary.

    Lastly, lets look at this thing called the right to privacy. Without going into drawn out detail I will summarize by saying this:
    Ever since the 9-11 attacks on the trade center our right to privacy has been slowly taken away from the American people. Now a days there is no longer anything private. Partially due to advances in technology, but mostly due to the “homeland security” and “patriot act”. Again referencing history lets look at social security numbers. When this system was introduced the American people were skeptical that it would turn into a national tracking system to keep tabs on people. The few who voiced this opinion were frowned upon and said to be “conspiracy theorist”… well here we are in a society you cant do anything in without giving out your social #.

    Same thing happened with our right to privacy and the same thing is TRYING to be done with our right to bear arms. Slowly take a little bit and change a little bit until it is gone. Like the old saying “put the lobster in the pot before you turn it on”! Well this “lobster” (the American people) are fully aware of the “pot” your trying to put us in and will not let it happen! Period end of story… WE WILL NOT LET IT HAPPEN!!

    So, please enlighten me to YOUR history based, factually supported argument for trying to take away MY rights??

    I await your response,


    1. Beard, granted I take your question to be sarcastic, but you answered your own question with in itself…. because they would have to be honest!

      That would mean that
      1) they would have to go against everything they have learned along the path of a career politician about how to interact with their constituents
      2) If they just out right say it, there is a ‘slight’ chance that even the people who support gun control laws right now, would no longer agree. There are many ignorant people out there who believe that this is the first AND last step they plan to take and as a result support it.


  5. Just sent my letters using the modifiable letter hornady at

    Letter as follows:

    Oppose SB 1670 & SB 1678, Support HB 1047

    As a voter who believes in the U.S. and Florida Constitutions, I am writing to

    express my views on gun control legislation currently being proposed in the

    Senate of Florida.

    I care deeply about the Second Amendment, and I am closely monitoring

    legislation that would restrict my civil right to keep and bear arms.
    Oppose new gun and magazine laws like SB 1670 & SB 1678

    Instead, work to pass laws like HB 1047 and enforce the many gun laws already on

    the books and help step up prosecution of criminals who commit violence and

    misuse firearms.



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