Email Tax: From Old School Internet Hoax to Reality?

And there should be, also, a very tiny tax on email,” Wozniak said at Tuesday’s meeting.

via Berkeley Councilman Proposes Email Tax To Fund Postal Service « CBS San Francisco.

Back in the stone age of Interwebs, when America Online was king and 9,600 bauds was a really really fast connection and even before even WWW, one of the first hoaxes floating around was the 3 cent tax on each email to fund the US Postal Service. I recall it caused quite a furor and it literally took years to finally dispel the myth, occasional flare ups notwithstanding.

Now an idiot comes around and actually tries to make it real.

Internet Zombies: They just cannot be killed.

4 Replies to “Email Tax: From Old School Internet Hoax to Reality?”

  1. Why would we need a tax on email to fund the post office? They didn’t devise the businesses that rely on email. They didn’t take the financial risk to invest in the industries that deployed them. They didn’t invest in or build the infrastructure. They deployed no servers and services. They don’t maintain them.

    If the postal service needs funds, then it would do well to work hard to maintain relevance.

    Oh, sorry — there I go being logical again.



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