The Gun Free Zone App.

No, I did not develop an app for a smartphone. I don’t even own one!

Via The View From North Central Idaho we get The Gun Free Zone App that allows you to check for places where the carrying of a firearm is verbotten.

Join other citizens as you report and find Gun Free Zones throughout the United States. Whether you want to shop in gun free zones as often as possible or avoid them altogether, this app will help you shop, play, and do business with like-minded people.

Anything that helps you stay away from Grey Bar hotel is a good thing. Smart the way he/she appeals to both the Anti and Pro gun crowds. Capitalism at best!

Hat Tip to George Babalu del Carmen Mariano & Concepcion…. OK Just George.

3 Replies to “The Gun Free Zone App.”

  1. Appeals to the criminal crowd as well.

    “Thanks smartphone app for letting me know which coffee house is easier to rob.”



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