Images Of The Ammo Drought

I had to go to the local Wally World and I did the obligatory stop at the ammo section:

Photo0075 Mostly shotshells in 20 gauge. There was a box of Winchester PDX1 9mm+p that I of course snatched, three boxes of .38 Special and this:

Photo0073In the decade living in this neighborhood, this is the first time I have seen 10 gauge at WalMart. The attendant told me it came in the first batch ever of ammunition delivered to the store, it was never sold and wanted to see if they could get rid off with all the craziness. I don’t even know if there is anybody in Miami with a 10 gauge shotgun…

And yes…. I saw People of WalMart.


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  1. Dude, I would buy the 10 ga. just for the box. My inner redneck is a bit of a ammo box collector. Sans mullet.

    1. I have been warned by SWMBO that any ammo I buy must have a corresponding gun at home. No ammo for future guns is allowed and all firearm buys must be approved by her.
      And you thought NY & CA were tough…

  2. I managed to score 2 bricks of Winchester 22 LR last night for $19.97 at my local Wally World. First 22 LR in bulk packs I’ve seen in 3.5 months.

  3. That reminds me. I need to get some shells for my shotgun.(bought at last gun show, didn’t have cash on-hand for ammo to go with it)

  4. I once jokingly remarked to a facebook page of a gun shop, when they posted pictures of several .22LR bricks that just came in, saying they’d disappear the next day.

    I was wrong.

    it disappeared two days after they got it.

  5. At my local WalMart, the ammo cabinet is right next to the crickets sold for bait. Provides an appropriate soundtrack for the ammo section…

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