Brady Double-Speak Makes Them Look Triple Stupid

Sometimes my Facebook timeline makes it just too easy to post. Just now this was on top:

Via Shall Not Be Questioned we get Sarah Brady admitting to NPR her lack of interest on having violators of her namesake law being prosecuted:

And our main concern is not to prosecute these people as much as it is to have their complete background checked, so that anybody cannot buy a gun if they’re not qualified.

Nice of her to admit the idea behind her push was never to punish those forbidden by the law when they try to obtain weapons from a FFL.

But the funny part was just a couple of cute kitty pics and somebody complaining about something about the weather down the timeline, I get to see this:
Brady BGC1

Somebody tried…mind you, not managed to buy but tried and obviously failed. The background check apparently worked.. and they are pissed about it! It works therefore needs fixing? Huh?

The Brady Bill was never about keeping felons away from guns but a stepping stone into total Gun Control but we knew that already.

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  1. If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is.

    And then demand more.

    That’s pretty much their entire strategy in a nutshell.

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