Swimming in Muddied Waters

It is what it feels like right now regarding gun control. You can say we are right smack in the middle of our Fog of War and you would not be far off and that is a dangerous place to be because we either lost track of something that might be important or simply get tired of the whole affair and wait for clarity. We cannot afford either option.

At the Federal Level, AWB II (Revenge of Dianne) appears to be dead as stand-alone bill bit drums are beating that it may be attached to other “better tasting” bills to endure approval. The problem appears to be that the host bill will be Sen Schummer’s Universal Background checks bill which is as bad as AWB II for the Second Amendment cause. One thing I ask everybody to do is to read the text of any proposed bill and do not trust the sanitized versions offered by the Media as they are not explaining or pointing out that the bill has little to do with keeping guns from Felons and everything to do with making private transfers of private property literally impossible and generating millions of felons instantly.

The other thing muddying the waters is the State-Level Bloomberg blitzkrieg shoving down gun control laws down the throats of people. NY’s SAFE act and the Colorado Transfer Law are just the beginning and the intent is to have us fight in several fronts on the old idea of divide & conquer. The good news is that there is a boatload of us against a small group of them and we can cover just about any front they create. Check ( that means you personally) with your State’s Legislature for any gun control bills introduced, read the text and if something stinks, raise hell. I don’t think there is a state in the Union that does not have a Gun Rights forum and Gun Rights organization and you should be a member or at least participate to keep yourself and others informed.

On the bright side, we have NY’s SAFE act and the Colorado Laws. Contradictory? Not quite. By now, even the media cannot hide the fact that SAFE act was passed in a rush and it is deeply flawed. Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature are now trapped and shamefully have to admit that the bill was an overreach and it is doing more harm than good. In Colorado, Gov. Hickenloper is facing open defiance from the majority of Sheriffs and was forced to admit the bill he signed might be flawed. This will come handy later.

Register to Vote! Nothing says to a representative to pay attention than the words “I am a Registered Voter and I want to talk about…” It is as important as actually casting votes in Election time. You can bet your sweet posteriors that politicians will take a pause before committing to piss off a big block of voters.

Contact your Elected/Selected Political Critters. Some may see this as a waste of time after the shove-down laws passed by the legislatures of Colorado and New York backed up by pressure from the White House and Mayor Bloomberg’s money. But one must remember that the upper echelons of the Democratic party and this administration in particular have no problem eating their own, abandoning them once they got what they wanted or throwing them under the bus if it is politically expedient. As John Ross wrote in his book Unintended Consequences, there is no loyalty down the chain of command and that makes for no loyalty the other way either. Don’t expect to see lots of changes in NY thanks to the Tammany Hall encroachment of power, but I think Colorado is going to be an object lesson in next year’s elections for other legislatures.

Join Social Media and make yourself be heard or at least stay informed. Traditional Media will either lie, obfuscate or simply fail to report the truth on the incoming bills both at State and Federal levels. They still hold power, but it is not as great as once was or they actually think they have and amazingly dumb when it comes to Social Media using it mostly as a “More news at eleven!” type of announcement. Facebook and Twitter are about the only way we can spread the message and counter the BS and to stay informed.

Join & Contribute to the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation. These two are the big guns but remember they do not necessarily cover the same ground: The NRA will work more at congressional/legislative level ans SAF will do courts. You can also dedicate the cost of one box of ammo a month to contribute to the war chest. Save the energy of particular gripes with any group and use it against the Gun Control fanatics. We can bitch about wine lists when things are under control.

Fight ain’t over yet by a far margin.

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  1. Thanks for the point about telling your congressman you’re a registered voter when you write him. I’ll start adding that to my emails.



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