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If the name Keith Jones rings a bell with you, you’ve probably traveled in circles that involved officer survival training or armed citizen training. A Vietnam veteran who saw heavy hand to hand combat, Keith came back to the USA to become a police officer in a major city for some four decades. During that time, he won half a dozen gunfights himself and studied many more. The lessons he imparts have kept a lot of good people alive.

If you haven’t listened to one of his lectures, you can catch him on the Pro-Arms Podcast at no charge, here.

Keith’s lovely wife Kathy was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer of the pancreas. Friends are working to help. Ashley Gibbons at Sand Burr Gun Ranch is kicking off with an auction for one of my 40-hour Massad Ayoob Group classes. Or, simply send a donation to the fund listed at the end.

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