One Case Does Not A Trend Make.

From my too ignored friends of the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence:

CSGV Sticker
If you go to the actual story, you find out that according to Norfolk police apparently there was ONE guy that says he targeted homes in Virginia Beach with cars sporting pro gun stickers. The kicker is that Virginia Beach PD said there was no problem with that. If I am not mistaken, Norfolk is a very anti gun locale so take their Neighborhood Watch alert with a grain of Beano for BS.

Old School Internet guys will also remember that this was one of the earliest and pre-Snopes tall tales making the rounds in the Newsgroups and chain emails alongside the 3 cent email tax, the young girl dying of leukemia if you didn’t forward the email and Bill Gates giving you a million dollars for some stupid stuff or another .

It is fun to see that recycled and eaten by CSGV though 🙂


6 Replies to “One Case Does Not A Trend Make.”

  1. It would be tough to find a house on my street where there are no guns.

    Actually, I know which two they are but we don’t say which ones. Hint: it’s not the elderly couple or the single mom.


    1. I just remembered one of the best hoaxes pulled in the interwebs: Bonsai Kitten!
      And the Homeboy Nyte Sytes for Gansta Boys with Glocks running a close second

      1. ahh gangsta pranks. one of my favorite make fun of gangstas was a skit done by Carlos Mencia several years back. ends when the idiot gangsters in his street gangster school shoot their guns up in the air and well…what goes up, must come down…

  2. Why don’t we just send all our nasty evil guns to that nice Nigerian prince who wants to give us money anyway? He can employ lots of his countrymen melting them down and turning them into bug zappers or something!

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