CSGV: Living in Pleasantville

In 1998, the movie Pleasantville came out. It tells the story of a teenage couple of teenagers who gets transported somehow inside a TV and ends up living inside a 1950s TV show about an idyllic Andy Griffith/Father Knows Best/Leave it to Beaver-type town where everything is just peachy.

Our friends at the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence apparently live in Pleasantville and have no plans to move into the real world anytime soon.

CSGV SchoolsCSGV Schools2Apparently most CSGV followers like Ms. Moodie do live in Pleasantville or have no kids or their involvement with the school goes as far as to drop the progeny in front of the school on the way to Pilates class. It is a sad fact that too many schools already look and feel like prisons thanks to an ineffective system that has helped create more problems than solved it up and including spree shooters.

I find hard to believe that CSGV and the rest of the Laddites do not know about metal detectors in schools:
Fences, gates and bars:

plus the ever popular bag search and the latest in technology: RFID School IDs, same as in selected prisons around the country.

I am sure that one or several of these methods were available at Sandy Hook and other school shootings, but they did not work as advertised by the Gun Control “experts.” But offer the idea of a proactive method that has a better chance to curb an active shooter and suddenly we are transforming our schools into the prisons that already are but they have failed to notice in between sips of Hazelnut Macchiato with tofu flower venti with Splenda.


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  1. Oh man, I’d hate to have my kids grow up in a world where they can walk home safely at night, where they’re allowed and encouraged to defend themselves, and where the streets aren’t populated by former prison inmates due to the police “catch-and-release” program for criminals.

    Ironically, by claiming that Conservative ideals will lead us to a Mad Max future, the loony Left are in fact driving us towards… a Mad Max future!


  2. One small correction: please change the “teenage couple” phrase in your opening sentence to “couple of teenagers”. The couple in the movie were brother/sister.

    Other than that small gripe, Excellent fisking! My kids’ school has fencing around the entire perimeter, a separate entrance/driveway for buses, and (within and beyond the fences) a lot of flat land with open lines of sight; if someone’s coming, you’ll see them coming.

    It’s almost a suburban fortress, at least in the “defensible position” sense.


  3. Some schools in Texas at least have required transparent backpacks for years — so teachers/administrators can readily see the contents.

    Other schools have removed or blocked off access to lockers in the hallways making kids carry all of their books from class to class — so that weapons/drugs can not be stored in the lockers.

    And I just wonder if any of them actually knows that a “School Resource Officer” really is.


  4. Seen Pleasantville when I was a kid. (Yeah…)

    Frankly this isn’t just a left vs right thing where you stick your head in the sand.

    It’s just that for the liberals, sticking your head in the sand is option A through Y. Option Z means looking at the reality which leads down to being a conservative.



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