Much hysteria about nothing: The Florida Gun Show Loophole.

Brian Malte, director of mobilization for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, named for a White House press secretary gravely wounded in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, said local officials’ failure to enforce their gun-show ordinances “is not only troublesome, it’s dangerous.”

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The lack of background checks for private sales is “a recipe for disaster,” he said, preserving access to guns for convicted felons and the dangerously mentally ill.

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This was front page in the Miami Herald yesterday. To tell you the truth, I did not know that we had a county ordinance regulating private sales. If you read the article with detail, you will notice that nowhere in it tells you about the level of violent crime in the state and for obvious reasons: It is at its lowest in possibly 40 years. Gun violence between 2007 and 2011 dropped 33% while gun ownership skyrocketed, but if the authors of the article were to mention that, they would be shooting themselves on the foot by actually telling the truth. Plus probably the White House would not like them anymore and call them names. Then again the Miami Herald is an irrelevant paper slowly circling the drain.


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  1. I’m noticing a lot of anti-gun leadership are convicted violent criminals or sex offenders. They also seem to love vaunting Chicago as a bastion of intelligent gun laws.

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that the shepherds are wolves, and the sheep need to start protecting themselves.



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