The DHS ammo buying fear and why I am not worried.

Powder Valley is where I buy my reloading supplies…when they have them. They just posted this announcement in their Facebook page.

powder valley

I know that not many shooters actually reload, but when a mayor manufacturer can only ship under 10% of the order and probably not because of lack of trying, it tells you that the potential for the .Gov to out-shoot the civilian population is at best a sorry myth. I do wonder if anybody has ever tried to calculate how many rounds are shot by civilians every week/month/year and the amount of components sold to civilians.

In the meantime, does anybody know where can I get an 8 lbs keg of TiteGroup for a decent price?
PS: For those who freak out when the word “arsenal” is used to denote 300 rounds and a couple of guns, 8 lbs of TiteGroup is enough to make some 12,000 rounds of 9mm.
You can really freak out now.

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  1. Using “arsenel” to denote 300 rounds and a couple of guns is like using “food stockpile” to describe that half-eaten bag of airplane peanuts you found in your jeans after they came out of the dryer.



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