“Once the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend.” (MHI)

The offenders left the vehicle and went down some stairs to get to the street making the middle of Barrio Bolivar, where he stole a vehicle Renault Twingo sector a lady to try to escape the authorities.

Monroy said that subjects attempting to flee rather, did not realize that it was a dead end (street) and the second encounter with police officers happened.

The subjects attempted to launch two hand grenades at the officers, but one of them exploded inside the vehicle instantly killing two of the men, while a third was taken to the Central Hospital where he died.

Tres hampones mueren al lanzar granadas contra el Cicpc en Táchira – El Universal (Venezuela)

Original in Spanish. It is a Google-generated translation with a couple of corrections made. One has to wonder, where do criminals get real weapons of war in such a Gun Control Paradise like Venezuela. Oh wait, it is gun control, not grenade control. Never mind!

And yes, it is not common for the bad guys to use grenades, but it has happened enough times. One day I’ll tell you guys a story of pure dumb luck.

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  1. that one needs to go on a top ten list for dumb criminals. and Venezuela is one of the places I beat people over the head with mercilessly in my arguments against gun control.



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