Heroes in Boston.

A retired football player carried a wounded woman from the Boston Marathon finish line. A father who lost both his sons, one in Iraq and one by suicide, rushed to aid the fallen. A veteran turned the shirt off his back into a bandage. A surgeon from Kansas finished the race and then started removing shrapnel from other runners.

via Amid the chaos and carnage in Boston, heroes emerge – U.S. News.

I was watching the live feed from the BBC right after I found out about the bombing and saw people,from marathon volunteers to cops to soldiers, running toward the blast zones without any regard for their safety. I was amazed and proud of their intensity and no BS attitudes helping people. Anybody that could, lend a hand and I think many lives were saved because they did not wait or had a regard for their own lives.

Damn! I was proud of them and I still am.

God Bless them.

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