18 Replies to “CSGV: The Laddites are for peace and open mindedness.”

  1. You know I’ve always just laughed at these people, but their comments are really starting to concern me now.

      1. The left’s investment in finding — no matter what it takes — “right wing terrorism” is so they can crack down on their political enemies.

  2. Having sat through 2 hrs of cspan it was worth it watching all of CSGV’s pet projects go down in flames. The reaction of Schumer to the Burr amendment was incredible he couldn’t even call them veterans. Feinstein hit her time limit and said I will finish and she just kept on ranting. She went down in flames 40 to 60 worst numbers of all the amendments.

    It was a good day for the constitution, not a great day. On a great day this shiiittt would never have come up for a vote because the congress can not infringe our rights.

    1. You ought to get a kick out of this.

      A source on my Twitter feed said to check the Facebook account of the guy sending the ricin letters(which I haven’t been able to do). Apparently he’s a Democrat.

  3. Isn’t all that talk about “rednecks” actually racist hate speech ? Substitute any other ethnic sub-culture and listen to the hue and cry Gotta love the tolerance that isn’t there.

  4. It ticks me off hardcore how all of these liberals show such disdain for our flag and other symbols of our country and freedoms. Especially our President who doesn’t even bother to use the Presidential seal.

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