Unhinged? I don’t think there were hinges to begin with…. (UPDATED)

What must be an intern or the guy that brings the “medicinal pot” to Boulder Channel 1, has taken over their Twitter account and….. well… lost it.


It gets better:

Yup… he went straight to the authorities based on his/her own mental malfunction. And it keeps getting weirder, specially since some people started to contact the advertisers:

And…Yes, I offered my opinion and got tossed in the vat.
BoulderChanneldWhomever are the honchos of this business are going to have a tough time proving Absence of Malice from those tweets.

In the meantime, let me play the song of their people:

Update: I am particularly proud of this one:

8 Replies to “Unhinged? I don’t think there were hinges to begin with…. (UPDATED)”

  1. Holy wtf?! Perhaps law enforcement ought to be keeping an eye on this guy. That’s not far off the same sort of deranged ramblings Holmes and Loughner produce.

  2. I’m seeing some of those hate-filled tweets are currently 5 hours or more old.

    I’m willing to give Boulder Channel 1 News the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s a rogue who’s taken control of their Twitter account for now, but if it’s still up tomorrow I’ll be filing a report to Twitter. Pretty sure some of those tweets are in blatant violation of the TOS.

    1. And now they appear to be claiming the NRA hacked their twitter account and posted all that.

      At least, that’s what I think they’re trying to say.

  3. Boulder Channel 1 You are a MOORON. Without guns you would be in a full blown dictatorship. If you feel this way go sign up for induction into a FEMA CAMP.

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