When I heard the news that the Senate had failed to pass a Universal Background Check, I was at a police seminar on the topic of active shooters…..

……..When a retired police chief on the panel announced that he’d just received a text that the UBC had failed to make it through the Senate, the police audience erupted into applause. So much for the idea that cops all want to restrict your gun ownership.

via Massad Ayoob.

I have nothing more to add. 😀

3 Replies to “Massad Ayoob – THE PRESIDENT IS A SORE LOSER”

  1. I can think of a job or two for him.

    1) Cell Bitch for a big Mexican when he serves time for the “Fast and Furious” act of war.

    2) Dog Poop Collector on the mean streets of Chicago where someone will bust a cap in him as he wanders into the wrong gang area. Hey, he just loves Chicago gun control, so let him embrace his stupidity to its logical conclusion.

    3) Brain Transplant Donor for Biden. They can split his and both still end up ignorant.



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