CSGV: Too dumb for words.

Apparently, the NRA will not allow you to quit membership according to Ladd & Josh. It is VERY hard you know?
CSGV ResignSo they give you a link to this podiatrist from California who did a full research on how to quit the NRA. Apparently it is a very hard process.

1. Draft a resignation letter, use the terms “resign membership” and include your member number. Here is a sample resignation letter that you can use or draft your own similar to it.

2. Use first class US postal stamp and mail to the address provided in the letter.

3. Keep a copy of the letter and request confirmation that the membership has been terminated.

4. Follow-up in 2 weeks if no confirmation has been received by calling 1-877-NRA-2000 or email membership@nrahq.org

That’s it. That is the complicated maneuvers and legal steps required to leave the NRA.
For the short useless minds of CSGV and its followers, the concept of stamps and mail has to be insurmountable since it requires a certain amount of manual dexterity.

I am still baffled at the fact that by just simply NOT renewing the NRA membership, you are in fact leaving the organization yet both the author of the treatise and CSGV apparently fail to even think about this avenue of approach.

Lord, give me Excedrin…..Extra Strength.

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  1. maybe he wanted to resign a fully paid lifetime membership? And are they saying they want buying a firearm to be as easy as mailing a letter? No background check required? I’m confused as to what his message is supposed to be. Maybe they just want buying a gun to take as long as mailing a letter. . .



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