Glock KaBoon: Reloads.

Found this one in Facebook’s TacStrike page and I had to steal.glock kaboom Bit of info explaining…

I know ammo is scarce but don’t go to unreputal reloaders to save a couple of dollars. If you do and start to see malfunctions, STOP! and don’t push your luck. Bad things happen with junk. Luckily the injuries were minor but the pistol is toast. ~ Rob T
40 cal. This happened during a weapon retention exercise so te magazine was pressed against the body of the shooter. Rob
Anthony P
Squib, if it was over pressure it would more than likley blow out the unsupported part of the case, split the frame and blow the mag out, it would more than likely not blow the barrel like that, as someone indicated you can see the bulge in the barrel. I have seen this happen twice on a Glock, once on a Smith and once on an H&K and each time someone got a 9mm mixed in their 40S&W, it will fit in the mag, it will chamber and it will fire in most instances it will not extract if a round chambers behind it it will force the spent case into the barrel and if fired will cause a KB (KABOOM) Hope no one was hurt.

When I was younger and stupid, I used to buy reload from an unknown source at a gun shop. I did have a couple of squibs but I was lucky as hell. I roll my own ammo now and refuse to share it to anybody because I cannot guarantee 100% I did not make a mistake. I have no problems paying the consequences of my mistakes but I do not want anybody else to do the same. My ammo, my gun, my medical insurance.

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  1. Remember too, to share your reloads with people you are supposed to posses a 06 FFL (ammo manufacturer). Probably, if you and a buddy went to the range and you shared a box, nothing is going to get said. It’s one of those things where you need to be sure not necessarily who you are sharing with, but who is watching you share.

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