Moms Demand Action Bingo Card.

I saw this cute picture in Facebook at the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
corporate GFZ

As a resident of Florida, you can carry everywhere but where forbidden by the law and those are very few locales. I realized that I had carried at a number of companies posted in the graphic and soon enough I had a bingo card made.
Moms Demand Action Bingo CardThere is two movie chains left in the pic and I am sure I carried at least in one of them, I just don’t recall which. Future likely targets will be IKEA and California Pizza Kitchen since they are nearby.

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  1. When I saw the first picture, before scrolling down to see that you had indeed already set up a BINGO board out of it, I too started going down the line “I carried there, I carried there” Try the fried mac and cheese when you go to California Pizza Kitchen.

  2. I was doing the same thing. In VA, it’s a “has to be clearly marked at the entrance” requirement. The only one I know of on that list that does this is Buffalo Wild Wings. Everything else is fair game. 🙂

    Of course, the neighborhood that our local BWW is located in is an area I don’t go unless carrying. Even if I was inclined to give them my service with their attitudes, I wouldn’t even be in the area to do so. BWW is so bad, they recently had a franchise in nothern VA toss plainclothes cops (with badges visible) out of the restaurant because of their guns. Projecting much, are they?

    1. Same here in Texas. Went to my concealed carry class last month, got to see pics of the two (2) signs that make it illegal to carry by the state of Texas, the 51% sign (on establishments that derive more than 51% of their income from the sale of alcohol….I don’t usually visit places like this, except maybe the occasional trip to Hooters. They have good fried pickles.) and the 30.06 sign (which, to be legal, must be prominently displayed on ALL entrances into a building, and displayed in BOTH English and Spanish. I have yet to see one displayed anywhere.). I have seen several places that have their own signs, or a generic “no weapons on premises” sign, which according to Texas state law, violation of carries no stiffer penalty than “please leave and don’t come back here”.

      I will point out that Fuzzy’s Tacos posts a sign up by their cash registers that says “the UNLICENSED possession of weapons is a felony”. I read that as “if you’ve got a license, c’mon in and try the queso! Its good today!”

  3. In Georgia it has to be plainly marked at the entrance too, but it’s only a property notice, meaning the owners can ask me to leave it I’m made, and if I refuse they can have me arrested for trespassing. I’ve been in a lot of those places heeled, including CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, and not been made.

    Interestingly our local CVS isn’t marked.

    1. Only noticed the sign in IKEA condemning concealed weapons as I was on my way out with a boxful of bookshelves. Nobody was hurt.

  4. I do not think that “gun free” means what these companies think it means….or the hysterical mom’s either, for that matter.

    I’ve carried in several of those places. Concealed means concealed.

  5. I like the bingo game idea. I LOL’d

    Costco in Phoenix, AZ has taken down their no firearms allowed signs. There was another chain Chipoltle who has also taken down their signs. I see this as progress. Does that make me a progressive? LOL

  6. In Texas they need the whole “30.06” language plain and readable at the entrance. There are other places off limits like courthouses. I have applied for my CHL but it is still in process so I am starting to train myself to look for the 30.06 sign. There may be further good news on the horizon though. An attorney/CHL holder told me that he thinks soon either case law or legislation will make it so if a business denies concealed carry they are now responsible for your safety even to the point of having to provide armed security. I like that!

    1. Awesome! Hadn’t heard about that legislation….’bout time someone came to their senses, though, and realized that if an establishment says I can’t protect my family, then they are responsible for assuming that mantle of protection.

      I’ve looked, but have yet to see a 30.06 sign in the wild. I don’t go to the mall all that often, but apparently Northeast Mall up here in the DFW area has signs….not prominently displayed, and not on every door (they’re at the doors on either end of a bank of 6 doors, and only on the public entrances to the mall. Most of the store entrances do NOT have 30.06 signage, so entering through, say, JCPennys [look up at the camera when you do, so they can’t deny you entered through an un-marked door], you’re not legally breaking the law, if the door was not signed). Walmart and Target do NOT have 30.06 signs, and none of the fast-food or family-style restaurants up in the area, that my family and I frequent, are signed.

  7. Yup… Whole Foods in Little Rock doesn’t have the required signage for Arkansas state law either… I’ve carried there many a time.

  8. I just don’t do business with them, period. Why give any of them my money? I’d rather spend it someplace that supports individual rights

    1. I will respect those who firmly believe in something, even misguided as long as they don’t decide to impose it on everybody else. But let’s be clear that many a company supporting Gun Control do so because they see it as a political maneuver important to their bottom line.
      Many are still respectfully giving Gabby Giffords a pass for her injury, but I suspect her “love” for the second amendment prior to the shooting was just getting the Political Girl Scout badge to get elected.

    2. I’ll second this one. Instead of “I’ve carried there”, I’d like to see “I’ve actively chosen a competitor over this place because of their st00pidity.” Admittedly, the longer phrase doesn’t fit as well… 🙂

  9. If Red Robin is “legal gun free,” they don’t post it where I live. Maybe some of these places just tell the “Moms” this so they’ll leave them alone?

  10. I think my track record is pretty decent. I can add Buffalo Wild Wings, California Pizza Kitchen, and Ikea. But not Jack in the Box (not around here anymore) nor Costco (not a member.). Not sure about Bank of America either. It’s not my bank. But I’ve probably been in one armed at some point.

  11. I tend to not even look for the sign. I’m permitted and carrying concealed. In my state the worst they can do is ‘tresspass” you (ask you to leave) from the store if they find out you’re totin’.
    Since the only way they would find out is if I have to defend myself or my family, I’m not really worried about being asked to to leave. Unless you’re belt carrying without a holster, or some other idiot move, the chances of your roscoe falling to the floor are pretty low. These businesses can be as smug as they want and tout their allegiance to Bloomberg, I’m still eating BBQ chicken pizza at CPK, Red Robin is my daughters fave, Toys R Us is a given since I have little ones, CVS is my go to for last minute milk and eggs, AMC is my movie theater of choice, and I’m a big fan of B Dub’s, (Buffalo Wild Wings), eating there at least once a month. I’m not really sure how CNN go on the list. Does this mean when I watch Robin Meade at home with breakfast I have to de-gun?

  12. In Northern VA, AMC, Costco, California Pizza Kitchen, CVS, Red Robin, TGI Fridays and Whole Foods are all unposted and I’ve carried in them all. Oddly, the one place (apart from BWW) I’ve seen posted is PF Changs, and they don’t make this list…

  13. When I first moved to Phoenix, I was going to a Jack-in-the-Box with coworkers when I noticed their no-firearms-allowed placard. I stopped short of the entrance and shouted, “Oh no!” My coworkers asked what was the matter. I replied, “I was about to go in and shoot the place up, but now that I see that sign, I guess I can’t.” Goes to show how ridiculous it is to think that a sign would ever stop a madman from carrying out his evil plans.

  14. In WA, too, all entrances to a business must be clearly marked for it to be a victimization zone. If they catch you, they can ask you to leave, and if you refuse or come back still armed, then they can have you arrested for misdemeanor trespass. The only one of the businesses above that I have seen posted is Ikea.

    I’m surprised to see BB&T listed, as they claim to operate on “objectivist” principles. Maybe I shouldn’t be, Rand was no fan of the Second Amendment.

  15. Was it inappropriate to leave a (soon to be deleted, I’m sure) comment pointing out a shooting that happened in a gun free zone?

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