Weee!!! I made Josh Horwitz cry!

[Nor is Hofmann the only pro-gun activist encouraging gun owners to build IEDs. Pro-gun blogger Miguel Gonzalez of Miami, Florida, for example, posts bomb-making information under the sarcastic heading, “The Josh Horwitz Insurrectionist Library.”]

via Josh Horwitz: Boston Seen as Roadmap for “Second Amendment Remedies” Crowd.

Actually Josh, it was not only The Anarchist Cookbook, published in 1971 by unknown left-wing anarchists and was the guide for every iteration of domestic terrorists William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (friends of the current White House)  running around placing bombs and doing other things, but also a whole host of other themes: Police Interrogations, SWAT Standards, Human Intelligence collection, Counterinsurgency, etc.

All these documents are free and available in the net. They were written by the government for the most part and paid for by our taxes.

And, Oh yes! Protected by the First Amendment. But of course now that Mayor Bloomberg wants to reinterpret the Bill of Rights, that may go by the wayside too.

Admit it Josh, you are just mad you lost and you are mad because I made fun of your own silliness.

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    1. Anybody goes for the Oscar Mayer song will get banned! LOL

      My bologna has a first name, it’s M-I-G-U-E-L.
      My bologna has a second name, it’s G-O-N-Z-A-…ah crap!
      Screw it! I’ll get me some National Hebrew dogs instead.



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