A Message to Terrorists Planning on Klling Americans: Next Time Use Guns!

I saw this post from CSGV and I said to myself: “Please, don’t go there.”
CSGV Boston shootersIt links to an article by The New Yorker’s John Cassidy that left me speechless. Here is the money-quote for you:

Third, had the attack been carried out with assault rifles rather than explosives and nails, the gun-control bills that perished on Capitol Hill just two days after the Boston bombings may have met a different fate.

It was a wasted opportunity! If those dumb “freedom fighters” would have chosen Evil Assault Weapons, today our world would be smelling sweeter, be peaceful and free healthcare would flow gracefully down the street because legislation would have been passed to regulate the freedoms of US Citizens.

I am literally sick to my stomach. I cannot imagine so much hate for a fellow human being and so much desire to achieve control.

Somewhere in Hell, Stalin is smiling reading a copy of the New Yorker..


6 Replies to “A Message to Terrorists Planning on Klling Americans: Next Time Use Guns!”

  1. And they say we’re the bloodthirsty ones.

    I’m calling it here. The CSGV were thrilled about the Newtown shooting. They see every child dead by gunfire as fuel for their machine. They WANT shooting sprees with massive body counts, and the only thing that upsets them about the Boston bombing is that it was bombs instead of guns.

    I have a message for the CSGV. Quit hiding behind the insane and the hired killers. If you want guns banned so badly, get out there and do the wetwork yourselves.

    1. Of course they were, and that’s why they’re losing their minds when even 20 dead children didn’t get them the gun control they have dreamed about. Every tragedy is a means to an end for them, they don’t care about victims.

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