The Mounting Irrelevancy of CSGV as Political Tool.

These are a couple of pics extracted from Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:


I imagine that the sparse crowds are a telling indicator of CSGV’s ability to draw real support from the people. Josh and Ladd are still useful for certain media outlets to write or talk about the usual obfuscations and rants against the Second Amendment, but they are mostly time-slot fillers than prime time players.

However, the members and followers of the do not see themselves as cheap extras in the great movie of Gun Control activism. As posted before in this blog, some of the rants and threats uttered by these cult members are downright scary and unimaginable in a free country and I would not be surprised if they were to plan a stunt that would generate a violent response from somebody and then use it to “prove” their point.

I know it sounds a bit “tin-foil,” but I expect anything out of this bunch as they remind me of past useful idiots that I had to live with. Point and laugh at them, just don’t let them sucker you into their game. If we are lucky, we will soon see them selling Ginsu Knives late at night in Current TV.

Late Nite Addition: Five sad pictures from today’s anti-NRA March.
Hat Tip to The Miller.

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