Moms Demand Action is becoming my favorite Gun Control Group.

Hail the Million Mom March of the 21st Century!
Is this what they meant about “Let’s have a conversation about guns?

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America or MDAGSA (sounds like something found in Chinese food) apparently is one of those “grassroots” groups created under the financial and political overview of His Eminence, Generalissimo Michael Bloomberg. Just as its predecessor, it tries to rile up Moms into a frenzy of “keeping the children safe” by act of denying themselves and everybody else of the tools to actually make a difference to keep the before-mentioned kids safe. In plain English, these are chickens demanding that the incubators be left unattended and unsecured against weasels, foxes and assorted predators because they are afraid of the farmer.

To complete the tradition, MDAGSA must now search for their Hollywood spoke’s person to screw up on national TV and then one of the members must shoot an innocent man.

Hat Tip to Gun Saves Lives

4 Replies to “Moms Demand Action is becoming my favorite Gun Control Group.”

  1. Well hey, if they start shooting innocents at least they’re doing their own wetwork.(Like I already told the CSGV to do)

    Seriously, CSGV, stop hiring and brainwashing outsiders into doing your dirty work for you. Own it.



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