Welcome to My Nightmare.

Ten to twelve-year-old point a gun to your head at bad breath distance.

The gun as we know is just an object. The bullet that comes out of it is another object; it will not fly any slower or produce less damage just because a little boy pulls the trigger. If it hits you, you will be gravely injured or dead, therefore the use of deadly force to defend oneself should apply.
But Lord! What a burden to carry.

If anything, this video is a grim reminder that we don’t know who is gonna attack us, when is he/she gonna do it or where. Any mental image we have of the perpetrator is just mental prevarication.

5 Replies to “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

  1. Though relatively rare, some Iraqi insurgents were quite young. We often talked in the team room about what we’d do if we encountered a child violating the ROE. The consensus was that you treated them like adults. To paraphrase something I read on another gun blob, “Play adult games, win adult prizes.”

    I would not be surprised though to find some prosecutors that would make a big stink about an adult shooting a child, no matter how capable of murder that child was. *cough* Trayvon Martin *cough*


  2. My opinion: Age is of no consequence once the person is capable of understanding what happens when the trigger is pulled. Not that I’d not have a second or two or three of hesitation because of a tender age, but I’d sure be getting my cute bunns off the X while that hesitation to shoot is being overcome by incoming.



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