CSGV: You Evil Racist People!

Another fresh delivery from the folks at the Coalition To Stop Gun Rights Violence:
CSGV Poor MuslimsHere is the original article that raised howling to a werewolf-pack level. And of course, the shinning comments of the laddites are just a hoot.

Sue Rolfe Hitler would have used the word Jew.
(Yes, all those Jew suicide bombers killing innocent people is what forced Hitler to try to take over the World)
Anne McKinney He’s just a dumbass redneck—they need to learn to ignore morons like that….not even worth getting mad over….that just gives him more power.
(Bigoted comment does not compute in her mind. Not surprised)
Jennifer Unruh Walls Well there is a thing called class which he does not possess and a thing called intelligence which he also seems to lack! FAIL!!!!!!
(And more bigoted comments.)
Tami Albright Dake It shows how people really aren’t concerned at all about gun violence in this country. Even after the tragedies, even after the angry debate, pointing guns at people is still really funny to him. That’s a sad statement about who he is as a person and who we are as a country.
(Because Pressure Cooker Violence, Underwear Violence of Boeing Violence are valid forms.)
Marshall Joseph Holloway This is not being a good American, not at all. People wonder why foreigners harbor animosity in our country… Its outdated and xenophobic attitudes like this! The only way to export democracy is not at the end of a gun but by providing good examples of it to the world.
(Marshall runs the stupid at high gear. I don’t give a crap what foreigners harbor or airport or park in our country: If they don’t like it, they can give up their $100K in Government subsidies and GTFO. Marshall, grow a pair, would ya?)

Carter Dary Demanding an apology from this dangerous fool is like asking Hitler to apologize. Yes, Hitler! He should be removed from office and required to undergo psychiatric evaluation!
(Goodwin’s Law, never too far away and they always fail to apply it on themselves. And the ever popular Soviet doctrine of Political Dissidence equals Insanity)
If there is a conclusion to see here is that they are politically irrelevant, petty and slightly deranged. But fun to watch.

3 Replies to “CSGV: You Evil Racist People!”

  1. On the one hand, I’m not thrilled about using “Muslim” in the post, as it’s a religious affiliation, which in itself is protected by the First amendment.

    Of course, so is the post ;]

    I would have preferred “Terrorist,” which is of course what Mr. West meant. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and in fact I’ve met a few decent ones, however there is a fairly statistically significant overlap, and Islam does happen to be a particularly intolerant religion. Which is a bit funny when people like this talk about Christian intolerance.

    That’s right, “turn the other cheek” is intolerant and sexist, but “the female body is sinful and must be covered and obscured to prevent a woman from tempting a man with her wickedness” isn’t. Yep.

    And in response to Mr. Holloway: nobody wonders why foreigners hate Americans. They hate us because we’re better than them, and they can’t stand that, and since it’s easier to destroy someone else’s accomplishments than to produce your own, they want to drag us down to their level.

    Oh wait, we’ve got a word for that. It’s “Terrorist.”

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